With more than 30 years international experience Dr Jeremy Prince is a leading expert in small scale and data poor fisheries assessment and management. His doctoral thesis completed in 1989 on the fisheries biology of abalone provided one of the earliest case studies of the challenges small scale and spatially complex resources pose for standard methodologies. That challenge has remained a central theme of Jeremy’s career, leading him to the idea of Barefoot Ecologists in 2003, and in 2010 the development of a new form of length-based Spawning Potential Ratio assessment (LB-SPR) that has been hailed as a “global game-changer” and “the solution to the issue of global food security in fisheries”. Since 2010, Jeremy has been working around the world developing and implementing his new approach to community-based assessment and management of small-scale fisheries, focusing primarily on the developing nations of the Indo-Pacific region.
Jeremy is working with the Rāhui Center in the context of our study on the Arutua & Rangiroa reef fisheries where the LB-SPR method is used.

Consultant on reef-fish assessment and management