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 Fishing competition – Moorea 11/25/2023
« Promoting sustainable fishing on the island of Moorea »

A lagoon fishing competition, organized by the local NGO Afareaitu Rava’ai, was hold on Saturday 11/25/2023 in Moorea. Fifteen fishers from the Afareaitu’s district participated to this day: a good opportunity to promote sustainable fishing. The Rāhui Center actively supported this event.  Our team collected data (fish size, gonads, otoliths, etc.) on several commercial fish species. The final purpose of this data collection is to determine, for these species, life history parameters (maturity size, growth rate, maximum size, etc.) in order to co-build, with fishers, suitable and efficient management measures. A way to preserve coral-reef biodiversity and fishers revenues.


What is the Rāhui ?

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About Us

The Rāhui Forum and Resource Center offers, in French Polynesia, methodological assistance to municipal authorities and local communities (in partnership with all stakeholders involved in local fisheries) in order to support sustainable small-scale fisheries through co-designed and co-implemented Marine Managed Areas.

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Our Projects

We operate across all French Polynesia. W pay particular attention to local cultural contexts in order to adapt our methodology to the specific needs of each of the communities we work with.

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We make several types of resources available to everyone, to assist in the management of small fisheries. Here you will find scientific publications, outreach tools, press documents to facilitate the transition to action.