Having always had a passion for natural environments, I quickly extended my desire to protect animals to that of protecting ecosystems as a whole. This ambition led me to complete my bachelor’s degree in biology and ecology with a research and engineering master’s degree in conservation ecology in Paris, then at the University of French Polynesia. Born of a blend of cultures from Brittany and Guadeloupe, I’ve always felt a deep calling to tropical island regions, a sort of return to my roots and to what’s essential. I’m convinced that contemporary environmental and societal issues require, more than ever, systemic approaches to be solved. It was with this in mind that I began a final-year internship on the sustainability of reef-lagoon fisheries in Tahiti. Under the supervision of Tamatoa Bambridge and Marguerite Taiarui, I set myself a two-fold challenge: (1) to assess the impact of 4 years’ protection of the Regulated Fishing Zone of Tautira, a commune in south-east Tahiti, on Tridacna maxima clams, and (2) to explore the prospects for managing this resource by studying the co-management capacities of the social fishing system.

As part of the Rahui Center team, I also  had the opportunity to participate in the collection of ecological and social data for the opening of the Tautira Rahui in March 2023.

Master student - Conservation ecology