René Galzin is a coral reef fish specialist. He has worked at CRIOBE in Moorea, one of the most eminent research laboratories on coral reef ecosystems involved in the acquisition of longitudinal biophysical data on these environments. Its fields of expertise are numerous: marine ecology, marine biodiversity, population dynamics, stock management and conservation. He created the oldest database on coral reef fish and benthic populations on the northwestern reef of Moorea. Now Professor Emeritus, he has taught marine ecology, population biology, and ecology and systematics of coral fishes.
He is actively involved in the ecological and fisheries management components of the Rāhui Center. He conducts fish surveys and participates in data analysis. He is also a scientific guarantor and contributes to the definition of sampling protocols. His pedagogy and his taste for transmission have naturally led him to take part in and organize awareness-raising, especially in schools. Finally, he contributes to the training of team members in his fields of expertise.

Coral reef fish specialist