Patrick Rochette is a fisherman. He is the president of the association named Puna Rāhui of Teahupoo, he actively participated in the creation of the Teahupoo rāhui (in 2014) and is part of the management committee. His father and grandfather passed on knowledge and stories about Teahupoo, which he is committed to passing on to new generations. He is the author of a book on the legends of Teahupoo.
As the Community Relations Manager of the Rāhui Center, Patrick plays a key role in outreach to elected officials, fishers, and younger people, primarily to explain what rāhui is. Besides raising awareness, he also leads the consultation conducted in the municipalities willing to create a rāhui. He shares his experience to help local populations define rules for management, for monitoring, etc. His role is crucial for the discussions on issues and the emergence of appropriate solutions. Bilingual (French – Reo Tahiti), he also participates as a facilitator or translator in the surveys conducted within the project, in particular on the linguistic and anthropological aspects.

Community relation manager