Tehani was born in Bora-Bora and is a teacher of Earth and Life Sciences and the president of the association Ia Vai Ma Noa Bora Bora since 2014. She is very involved in the life of the island on a daily basis, especially for the preservation of the environment. through her work at the high school or her volunteer engagement in many actions such as the rehabilitation of corals, lagoon clean-up operations, the training of lagoon guides, etc. She passes on her commitment to her students by conducting educational projects through the program named Educative marine areas.
Since 2019, she is a kingpin of the Rāhui Center in Bora Bora. She is involved in mobilizing the local community through her association and in defining the strategic orientations with the different stakeholders for better management.

Ia Vai Ma Noa Bora Bora President