Tamatoa Bambridge is a sociologist. Since 1995, he has been analyzing the expression of legal and cultural pluralism in the management of land and sea tenure in the Pacific. In 2001, he completed his doctoral thesis on land claims in the Austral Islands, then pursued his career in the field of environmental anthropology. Now a specialist in Rāhui, he is interested in the contemporary governance of marine areas, ecosystem services of coral reefs, watershed management, and local knowledge related to biodiversity.
Since 2019, he has led the interdisciplinary team of the Rāhui Center in French Polynesia. In collaboration with Dr. Hunter Lenihan (co-director), he oversees the strategic orientations of the project and contributes to the formalization of operational and financial partnerships. He coordinates the scientific activities carried out by the entire team and supervises students, in particular, for the implementation of social science surveys. He is also involved in the discussions and awareness-raising of local authorities and communities.

Research Director at CNRS